Elite Rizer steering broken in 1.47

Release 1.47 has broken steering on the Elite Rizer. On a group ride today (first ride since applying the update) I found myself stuck on the left-hand side of the road, outside of the draft. Disconnected, reconnected and recalibrated, but it made no difference, ended up having to disconnect steering altogether. This was on Android but I’ve seen a post on Zwift Insider where somebody had the same problem with an iPad.

There was a fix for the Rizer in the new release and it sounds like it’s almost developed the same problem that the Zwift play have suffered with.

I can’t offer any advice but suspect the Zwift staff will be interested in this. Have you created a support ticket?

Same here :sob:

How far into a ride does this happen.

So i can test it and add my voice.

It happens straight away. Trying to steer has no effect, you’re permanently stuck on the left.

Tested it and yep mine is like it also. Completely locked to the left.

Same problem, but running MacBook Pro. My tires were between the yellow lines for 99% of the time. Did the same disconnect, recalibrate, re-boot, but to no avail. Oddly enough, every once in a while, I got sucked into the middle of the group, but then a minute later, I was back out between the yellow lines. No movement at all available left or right with the Rizer.

Hi, Having the same issue on both my Samsung tablet and phone. I have reinstalled on both devices and still have issues.
I have sent the issue direct to the support team.

Yes, we have identified the issue. It will be fixed in the next update. Sorry for the trouble.


Thanks David.

I have a Direto XR-T with an Elite Rizer for steering/gradient simulation.
After updating to Zwift 1.47, the steering has stopped working. Zwift pairs to it, and I can calibrate it successfully. However, in-game, my avatar just floats out to the center of the road and stays there. Can’t steer.

I’m using Zwift on macOS

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Hi Steve, yes, this is the same for me. I even upgraded the Firmware and no impact. Which was a shame as I was looking forward to racing “Repack Ridge”[quote=“Steve, post:12, topic:611547, full:true, username:Steve_Hammatt”]


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Same here….anyone have a solution yet?

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That’s good news. I’ve disabled steering in the mean time.
I didn’t think I used steering that much, but as it turns out, now when it’s gone it just feels plain weird. Who knew? :crazy_face:


Thanks David. Any idea when the next update is?

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They are working on circa 2 week cycles for updates.

1.47 is 8 days old so potentially early next week.


si yo hable con zwift y me han dicho que es correcto, no funciona por el momento y lo estan solucionando lo antes posible en la proxima actualizacion, solo estar atentos a la proxima actualizacion, eso me dijeron . Regards

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UPDATE September 12
Zwift game version 1.48 addresses this bug. We’re rolling it out this week - please update when it’s available to you.