Game Update v1.48 [September 2023]

Hi Zwifters! Phased rollout of Zwift version 1.48 begins today on Windows / macOS / Android. iOS and tvOS phased rollout begins tomorrow.

  • Fixed an issue with Zwift Play that could occur when reconnecting the device.
  • Kickr Bike: You must now press and hold the U-Turn button (i.e. the Right Minus button) before a U-Turn is initiated. No more accidental U-Turns!
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when trying to access Climb Portal after switching worlds via joining or completing an event between France and Watopia.
  • Fixed an issue which caused some Custom Workouts to not sync across multiple devices.
  • Fixed an issue where activity progress (i.e. FIT file) would not include progress made after resuming an interrupted activity after a game crash.
  • Fixed an issue where activity progress (i.e. FIT files) could become corrupted after quickly skipping Workout intervals, resulting in Zwift getting stuck on the Save screen and inability to upload affected FIT files to Garmin Connect.
  • Zwift Play: Fixed an issue where Ride-On Bombs or braking may not work properly if the controllers lost connection to the game and then reconnected.
  • Zwift Play: Fixed an issue where braking would still have haptic feedback (i.e. controller vibrations) when haptic feedback was disabled in settings.
  • Zwift Play: Improvements to controller connection reliability.
  • Zwift Play: Reduced the amount of time required to hold the Z-Button before giving a Ride-On Bomb.
  • Zwift Play: Reduced the amount of time required to hold the D-Pad Down button before initiating a U-Turn.
  • Zwift Hub: Fixed an issue which could cause some text to unexpectedly appear in the in-game HUD after closing the Settings screen.
  • Elite Rizer: Fixed an issue which caused steering to not work.
  • Climb Portal: Average power shown at the end of the climb now only includes watts generated while in the Climb Portal and not before entering the portal.
  • Climb Portal: Fixed an issue where Emotes could not be heard by nearby users.
  • Fixed an issue in the France Ven-Top route where previous route time was shown as blank in the in-game HUD.
  • Improved elevation tracking in London and Richmond worlds.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause crashes when navigating through game menus.
  • General improvements to game memory usage.


  • Intel Arc A77M GPUs now have the Ultra graphics profile enabled.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when navigating through the Badges screen via keyboard or Zwift Play controllers.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a game asset wasn’t loaded correctly.

v 1.48.0 phased rollout for PC / macOS / Android continues today
Rollout to iOS / tvOS has begun.

UPDATE September 15
We are pausing rollout to iOS / tvOS to investigate reports of game crashes.
Rollout to Windows / macOS / Android is complete.

v 1.48.1 has been released to all iOS and tvOS devices.


  • Improved stability.


  • Improved stability on low-memory iOS devices.

v 1.48.2 is for iOS and tvOS only

  • Stability updates

Feature request: remove the audio emotes from Zwift entirely


I guess that means the elevation now updates for every foot instead of every ~6 feet? Yay!

  • Improved elevation tracking in London and Richmond worlds.

FINALLY!!! Thank You So Much, Zwift DV Team!!!


My notes on the update… offering a bit more detail here and there:

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Good updates. Still really hoping to see an option for the play controllers to turn off steering but still be able to use the controllers for ride on bombs, turns, power ups, etc.


And an option to turn off the brakes too!

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Ride leaders here; I’ve been hearing rumors that whoever enters the pens first gets stuck with the beacon as of this update.

Can anyone confirm?

(it used to be / should be whoever is highest on the list will get the beacon no matter the time they enter)

Aha! I had some accidental U-Turns with my Kickr Bike. Did you guys hear me curse or something going up the mountain? :stuck_out_tongue: Or should I say curse going down the mountain and also curse after 30 seconds of finding the turn around button and doing the same climbing again.

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:+1: :+1:

I mean… that’s pretty much how mine work most of the time. After a few minutes…“steering disconnected” :wink:


I’ve noticed that the brakes witht he ZPC pretty consistently stop working after about 5mins on a ride

:rofl: luckily I don’t have that problem :wink:

There still seem to be problems with Play connections.

Riding today on 1.48 (PC), I had both controllers go to sleep on me after pairing. I woke them up again, but when I went into the pairing screen Zwift thought they were still paired. Restarting Companion didn’t help.

I didn’t try anything else as I was trying to get a short ride in and didn’t have much time to spare.

September 14
v1.48.0 rollout continues today.


Have to say I had my most suceesful ride in months with the plays after this update.

I got sent a new set of plays and they exhibited the exacts same disconnect issues with 1.47. Tried doing a ride with them paired through companion bridge and they were pretty good and didn’t notice any drops outs.

Yesterday got 1.48 with all the supposed fixes. Did a warm up and race paired through game and as far as I can tell only had a short drop out from left controller where avatar was constantly swerving left then I think it reconnected and and behaved again. Ride on bombs and brakes worked for whole ride.

This is good progress I believe.


what has actually been improved on this?

Not sure issues with Zwift Play have been resolved my left controller is now applying the brakes, compared to permanently steering to the left. Turn the left controller off and the avatar is able move

Everyone please note - we are seeing an issue on iOS and Apple TV in our telemetry and have paused the release to those platforms while we investigate.

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