Does anyone else have their route cancelled by a robopacer?

The last couple of rides I have been on where I select a route, when I am passed by a Robopacer my route immediately gets cancelled. Pretty annoying. This wasn’t an issue before, but I haven’t used Zwift all summer and it seems something changed.

what do you mean by cancelled?

you should still carry on the route you had selected but the progress bar changes to the drop multiplier (kind of annoying and i have mentioned it before) but when/if the robopacer takes a different turn or passes you and you get dropped the progress bar should return and you should remain on the route you selected.

I am not new to Zwift. I know how it is supposed to work and it’s not working the way it should. My last 2 rides never returned after the Robopacer went away. I didn’t even try to follow the pacer as it was going too fast for my pace. Then when it and the group following it we’re long gone I kept riding and waiting for my progress bar to return and it never did.

Shad Holland

but did you stay on the selected route and the progress bar is just missing?

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So someone told me that if I have steering, which I do, Zwift did an update that allows the route to be selected using steering. That wasn’t a feature before and steering only allowed you to move side to side within a lane.

If this update is the case, then I can’t use steering when I select a route or I risk accidentally making a trunk and leaving the route.

Anyone else know more about this?

You might be interested in this feature request. Click “Vote” at the top of the thread and leave a comment if you support it.