Annoying Robopacer Behavior

I’ve never used robopacers before. It’s great that people enjoy using these. However, I don’t really have a personal use for them. I am in the midst of recovering from injury right now and just want to get on my bike and complete routes of a certain length.

Yesterday, when I was halfway done with my route, a saw someone chat something about robopacers and then a huge group of them flew by me. When this happened, the focus of my ride changed from following the route I was on to telling me how far I was away from one of the robopacers. It switched back and forth a few times and then finally I thought it was locked back on my route but it switched and veered off course of my route so it no longer gave me the elevation I was expecting and I didn’t complete the route I had ridden for over an hour.

This is annoying behavior that I wish could be disabled.

I’ve been overtaken by RP groups many times and it has never affected the route I had originally chosen. If I’m in that group at a junction I need to consciously choose the direction to stay with the RP, otherwise Zwift will direct me onto my original route.

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I’ve never had this either.

It is annoying that it overrides the course distance to be the drops multiplier but never had it change my route. Everything goes back to how they were when they go past or your route takes you in a different direction.

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I’ve never experienced that. Sure they have gone past me, or I went past them - but aside from drops multiplier I remained in my intended route unless I navigated to follow the others.

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Same for me. Been passed by many a group and not once has it diverted me off my chosen route.

I wonder if the OP had been struck by an existing route direction bug that’s flared up right at the time the group was nearby.

I really think it’s a coincidence and you got the going -off-route bug (assuming you didn’t accidentally hit a turn or u-turn button) shortly after the RP bunch went by.

Never experienced such a thing before either. RoboPacer never affects the previous chosen route. But it does interfere with the HUD though.

I hadn’t heard of the going-off-route bug before as I don’t spend much time in these forums unless I’m having problems. I have no way of proving this wasn’t the case but the coincidence of the group passing and the tracking in the top bar changing from how much of my route was left to how far I was behind the robopacer feels like too much of a coincidence for it not to be related.

I use an AppleTV for my output and don’t touch the remote or use companion while I ride so there’s really no way for me to have hit a turn or U-turn button.

Anyway, I am glad to hear that this isn’t expected behavior and possibly just some strange glitch that happened to me the other day and hopefully won’t continue to happen in the future.

Same as ppl above here–have been swamped by a PP group and had the HUD change–even got changed into a costume during Halloween when I was passing through a PP group up Volcano Climb, lost the costume when I left them behind :slight_smile: But even though I’ve wished I could choose to join a PP group and have it override my route selection so I could follow them, I’ve never had that happen. As I understand it, joining a PP group doesn’t tie you to the Bot, it ties you to the route and places you next to the bot–putting you on a selected route by way of a ‘Ride With’ the bot. But the bot and you are not connected in any way in terms of following or route otherwise.

That’s never been possible, it shows on the turn selection indicator but does nothing.

I know, I just wish we could do it. Would make spontaneous joining of a PP much better.