Robo pacer group rides

Hello, submitting issue for partner… he is unable to stay on same course of selected group ride with robo Pacer. The group goes in one direction and he goes in another at cross roads/turns/route options. He has the most updated version 1.61.

Which route(s) did this happen on? It looks like some of the robo pacers have been put on routes that require being level 10+. I’m not 100% sure how that would play out but in a free ride you would be diverted before getting onto the coast road. Is he at level 10 or above?

He is at level 35… It’s with Bernie routes… He hasn’t tried the other robo riders.

If he selected the pacer from the home screen (not just randomly meeting up with the pacer while riding) then that should not happen, but sometimes it does. You could try reporting it to Zwift support and ask them to analyze the log file.

Does he have a steering device paired like a Sterzo? If so, check out the Intersection Controls setting.

Thank you, Paul!

Hi @Dana_Bird, welcome to Forums. This is Juan from Zwift. I understand how surprising it is for you to see your pace partner not following the path.

At the moment there are no more reports in this regard. Please, I would like to recommend that you contact us to provide you with one-on-one assistance to delve deeper into this.