Zwift has incorrect turn by turn for several routes


I have come across many routes that route me in the wrong direction well into the ride. This is SO frustrating I am trying to earn route badges and lose the double XPs because as soon as the platform veers you off the route, you instantly lose the ability to return and complete the route.

Any help/suggestions would be highly appreciated. Would be interested to know if others are experiencing this as well. Im hoping Zwift support can contact me as I can provide more information on where exactly I was taken off the route so they can troubleshoot. I am running on an Ipad Air.

Affected routes:

Watopia - Figure 8
London - London 8
Makuri Islands - Castle to Castle, Fine and Sandy

Do you have any kind of steering device paired?

Yes, I have the Elite Sterzo paired.

That’s probably the problem. Get rid of it and I doubt you’ll have any problems.

Thanks…so are you saying that this is a feature that I am not aware of or that the steerer is messing things up?

I would characterize it as a design flaw in the game. It confuses your steering moves as intent to make a turn.