Pacer ride not working correctly

This is a new issue for me. Today, I was on a pacer ride, 2.8w//kg, when my avatar suddenly decided to follow a different route than the pacer. I did not make any input to cause this. I was simply following the pacer when I was switched off the route? Is this a known issue?

There’s been a few reports of it. Can you give more detail as i believe @James_Zwift is looking into this in a bit more detail.

What version of Zwift are you running and on what device do you run it?

Our development team are looking into this at the moment but any details you can provide will help.

Hi, thank you for the quick reply. I’m running Zwift on an iPad and I have updated my copy to the latest version available in the App Store. I was trying to ride the Volcano flats group ride yesterday, at 2.8w/kg. C Yumi was the pacer bot being used.

Do you have any steering devices enabled?

Did you join the pacer from the home screen?

Hi, thanks again. Yes, I have an Elite steering device. I did join from the Home Screen. Good thing is I got turned on to the Volcano KOM and I managed to beat my PR!

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This turning off the pacer’s course happened to me two rides in a row, but it would have been in version 1.41. Running Zwift on my iPhone, had an Elite Sterzo steerer connected, joined the pacer from the home screen. At the first intersection we passed after joining the pacer I was turned off the course. I did a U-turn, caught back up with the group, and no troubles after that.

Thanks, I’m wondering if the steering device is common for anyone turning off route on a pace partner ride.

I’m not apportioning blame, just noticing a correlation.

The first time it happened, I thought maybe I had accidently manually steered off the route although I wasn’t trying to do any steering at the time. The second time I consciously was making sure I wasn’t manually steering and it still sent me off course. I haven’t ridden with a pacer since then, nor since 1.42 was released.

Hi everyone, I am a Zwift engineer and I am working on a fix for this issue. I have already identified a possible cause for the bug, but there could be other scenarios that are harder to predict. I would love to see a video where the issue happens (from the moment the teleport starts to the moment the player goes off route). Please let me know if you have any video or could capture one. This would help A LOT the investigation. Many thanks in advance!

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My Wahoo Kickr Bike has steering enabled on Robo pacer rides. I’ve never experienced the issue of being turn away from the group.

Previously anyway, I called out that you actually couldn’t intentionally use steering to change routes off of the Robopacer route. I think this makes sense because there’d be too many accidental exits from the RP ride. Hopefully zwift didn’t ‘fix’ this.

On kickr bike I haven’t experienced going off the route.

I was using 1.42 version of Zwift yesterday on the volcano course. 22km with no glitches.

I got turned away from the RP in Makuri once today after about 25mins, but otherwise no issues. I’m wondering if it might be steering related. I’m using a Sterzo which still makes me jump to the side occasionally. Anyway, the steering got quite jittery at one point and as I was trying to bring it under control, I got turned away from the group. So perhaps it can send some kind of inadvertent signal if you happen to be in turning distance of an intersection.

Using apple tv and have used the sterzo for my last 2 robopacer rides. On both occasions without me actively steering my avatar has left the course. Once on RGV and once on Three little sisters. Both times it was on a side road with less than a 90 degree turn. I tried to actively steer once I recognized what was happening but could not re-enter the intended road.

I have seen this issue in the last three rides I have done. All robopacer. Seems to be when group goes left my avatar stays right. My only remedy is to use the Companion app to rejoin the robopacer group. Using latest Apple TV version with an Elite Rizer with steering enabled.

Any steps for how you joined the robopacer ride? Direct from main menu or from another ride previously?

I joined the ride from the main menu. Zwift had been started from new as I had to log in to my account before I could pair my devices.

It just happened to me and I don’t have a steering device. Robopacer (Miguel) turned right on the volcano flats and even though I was with the group I was sent straight with a few other people. So I quit the ride as I’m trying to do a long ride and thought with a pacer group would be nice. But it’s not the course I would choose solo.

I don’t know the reason why it happened, but in that situation you can use the teleport feature to join a pacer without starting a new ride.