Sterzo Smart - issues with latest Zwift update

(This has also been sent to the Zwift support team)


I have an Elite Sterzo Smart and have issues with the latest Zwift update:

  1. The alignment between the riding zone and the road markings is skewed too far to the left (in Watopia) - you can spend your entire ride on the wrong side of the road and it’s impossible to take the apex of a right-hand corner if there are other riders around.

  2. If I overtook a non-steering rider I would get bumped left into the middle of the road even if there was clear daylight between my avatar and theirs - I had to keep steering back to the right myself.

  3. It’s even worse when you get overtaken, you’re still the one who gets bumped to the left even though you’re minding your own business and have no idea there’s anyone behind you!

Come on Zwift - I’ve heard nothing here and no reply to my support message in a week…!

Hi Scott, I also have stupidly bought a Sterzo and am frankly disgusted with the lack of service and also the limited use in group rides and races. I dont have the problems you have,…but having said that no one responds when I put a complaint in.
Also when I use it ,…Zwift futurworks puts up a template with 5 ride ons,…I usually give it one with an explanation. Not ONCE did they get back to me.
Since the latest Zwift update where there are supposedly Stervio software improvements,…my bluetooth connection is no longer stable and the Stervio disconnects during rides.
As an ex International Marketing and Product Director,…I strongly feel that Elite and Zwift are doing an awful job in trying to test out this new concept. If they ever get round to launching it full scale so many of us will tell people that so far…the service and reliability is complete rubbish!

I finally got a response from Zwift support, and have since returned my Sterzo for a full refund.


Correct me if I am wrong but I feel that the sterzo, the Neo cobble effect and Wahoo climb are little more than gimmicks. I had a Neo and never bothered with the cobble effect. I nearly bought a sterzo but was put off by reliability issues mentioned in the reviews.
I feel for you as I hate to waste money on stuff that doesn’t work.

I’m looking forward to a German built, bullet proof smart trainer, with a life time guarantee.
Good to hear you have a full refund Scott.

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Good joke?
I do not believe we will sometimes get it…

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Hi Milan,
I think you are right, the idea of a lifetime guarantee may have been pushing it a bit, :slightly_smiling_face:
but, I would hope one of the manufactures could build an accurate industrial/military grade smart trainer, that the average cyclist couldn’t break.