Bug: Steering twitchy behavior [June 2023]

With steering enable, sometimes the avatar would spasms/twitchy to the far right. To the point they are out of draft. It’s like without steering when someone push you to the edge, but just 10x more pronounce and you fly to the far edge of the lane.

Hi @William_Ng1

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks for flagging this up. We’ve been working on hard on Repack Rush, and lots of work has been done in Zwift v1.42 around the steering devices which are required to use RR.

I’m looking at your server logs and saw one ride yesterday and another today.

  • Yesterday: Race on London Classique. Sterzo was paired and you were using Zwift v 1.41.
  • Today: Appears to be a free ride on Tempus Fugit. No Sterzo paired, had updated to Zwift v 1.42.
    I’m assuming what you’re describing happened during the race?

To eliminate some variables, would you try these things and report back?

  • When’s the last time you changed the batteries on the Sterzo? Let’s try that first.
  • Now that you’re on v1.42 - please enter another steering-enabled race.

The rate of change on the jerks, is beyond the rate you can achieve by Sterzo, Even at a maximum degree turn on the Sterzo, you can’t go off to the side that quickly. I got the Sterzo for about a month but spent less than 40 hours using the device, so I doubt it is a battery issue. The issue isn’t just local, as I saw many riders flying off to the right side. And asked are they experiencing the same issue and they replied that they are.

In this video at 16:30 (video time, not race banner time) you can follow the TFC (Yellow Jersey) rider and see he is on Steering and just bouncing to the right.

@17:32 You can see S.Cleys in the green Jersey doing the same.
@17:36 You can see me W.Ng flying off to the side.

Thanks for the video, those are always helpful.

Would you report back after trying the two things I mentioned? Appreciate you!

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I just rode in a race and the same thing happened. Steering enabled. Wahoo Kickr Bike. In this race, 6/13/2023 STAGE 2: OG Racing — London Classique (Event ID=3715657). Most of the race was normal pack dynamics. However, at certain times, I was continuously spit out to right side of the pack out of the draft. I’d steer back and then get spit back out. This happened various times and some time it was once or twice. Other times, I was fighting to steer back every 3-5 seconds over a 2-3minute period.

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I had this problem last night in the Stage 2 ZRacing race on London Classique, 1.42, Tacx neobike with the beta firmware. Just like Bill most of the race it was fine, but (I think) between about 2.5 and 1km left in each lap my guy aggressively jerked to the hard right over and over and over, pulling me out of the draft every time. I think it’s a location-based issue. It happened exactly as it shows in William’s video.

Edit: no weird steering behavior with a pace partner on Volcano Flat.

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Rode with a Robo Pacer today, and repeatedly got popped out to the right. I saw the same thing happening to the other riders that had steering enabled. Sometimes a group of us, including riders with steering and without would all get popped out to the right. I could steer freely to the left and right, but it seemed like if I went back to the middle of the pack, it either wanted to spit me out right, or occasionally left. I’m using an Elite Rider with up-to-date firmware, and an Elite Justo.

Under race conditions along the Embankment only steering throws you to the right, not even worth fighting it by steering left as will jerk you back to the right. Under free ride in same location there is no issues.

did the OG racing on london loop last night, was getting shunted out to the right all the time when in the bunch

This is a known problem with roads in London and Makuri. Someone is already working on it from what I was told.

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I did a free ride in Makuri today, 3 times in 45 minutes my avatar shot to the right then back to where it was - I didn’t touch any controls, it did it all by itself.

Not sure if all are aware, but this also occurs for runners, not just cyclists.

In yesterdays race (figure 8 reverse) I was constantly being thrown to the side. And I mean constantly:every three seconds, if I didn"t touch the controls myself.

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Do you mean where you do a quick zig zag across the road?

@Miro_Wikgren was it like this as i posted

I had aggressive pulling to the right riding with a pace partner in Watopia today. Only happened post-coffee stop.

This does look strange. But what is more intriguing is the fact that from what I see, all in the group are using steering, but only two seem to be having issues :thinking: At least in the parts in the video I saw.

The green jersey rider was with me on Discord all the time and he had no issues but he was on an older version 1.43 for Android tablet.

I just rode the “Ride On with Team Type 1 Social Ride (D)” and after 1 min, I received a drafting PU, and used it, and immediately I veered off to the left. I corrected using the right hand Play to move to the right, and it veered to the Right. Once the PU expired, it seemed to be ok.

AppleTV 4k (3rd Gen). Zwift 1.44. ZPlay firmware fully up to date. Paired via ZC. This has been consistently unreliable so far, including one time when it dropped all my paired devices from a ride, including the trainer.

I’m on the verge of giving up on the ZPlay. They don’t add anything especially useful to my Zwifting, and they get in the way of the comfort of my hands when I’m riding, and it makes it very difficult to get a secure hand position when I’m sprinting.

Yes that is what I mean