Latest update = Sterzo Error

Getting this with the latest update. Never seen before. Anyone else? Is there a new firmware I’m not aware of?

That’s a bummer, @Wannie.
I’d test mine for reference for you, but am out of the country, back on Friday. Did upgrade to 1.25.1, but didn’t pair the Sterzo Smart since.

I tried in vain to find a list of support updates on Elite’s site. Obviously, with the Upgrado app, one can only check when the device is in range.

Hope you get resolution soon. @shooj usually has his finger on the Sterzo pulse.

Have you updated the Sterzo? I got the same message when I first got mine. I updated the software and all is good.

I did check with the Upgrado app, nothing new. To be clear, Sterzo has been working fine up until the last mini update (1.25.1) which was just a few days ago?

It is found though by Zwift. And even after launching Zwift I see the little steering wheel icon next to my name, but indeed there’s no actual steering and the pairing screen labels the device with “error”

No idea why, but today it works fine. Strange