Steerzo not upgrading

Trying to upgrade my steerzo smart and seems to have bricked or the like. Just have a solid blue / purple light and prior to trying to upgrade the firmware could see the steerzo in Zwift.

Now when I just get a solid blue/purple light and the elite Upgrado app just shows connecting.

Just wondering if anyone else had this issue - was one of the original steerzo smarts

I can’t help directly, but if you haven’t done so already, I suggest ploughing through the 60-odd-post thread on the Sterzo Smart firmware update to find what worked for others:

Yes, thanks but I’ve already read all that.
Elite support finally send me the file I wanted.
And after many failed attempts, my sterzo has accepted to install last update.
About 20-30 attempts… With nRF Connect failing to transfer files.
Last attept, it shows 1/11, 2/11… and so on.
And bingo !

Sorry, Alain - I was replying to Jeremy’s message.