Does this sterzo even work?

Come on, limited instructions mean plug and play…NOT!!!
Can’t connect without error messages!!!
Is this steering ready for prime time?

I’ve been using the Elite Sterzo Smart extensively since August 2020 without ever having connection problems. Lots of people do. Tell us about your set-up (trainer and other sensors / zwifting device) and we might be able to help you troubleshoot.

You’ve downloaded the manual? Elite Support

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Ok, so there was nothing in the owner’s manual about downloading a companion app. Also once I realized that it was necessary, it was difficult to determine exactly what app was required. Suggestion: Put this requirement in the manual and put in the name of the app. Somewhat idiotic to call the app ‘Upgrado’ when the info that notified me ‘small zwift pop up box’ looked like ‘upgrade’. Can you tell I’m pissed that this was so unnecessarily difficult. Finally started the race three laps down!

I experienced a lot of disconnecting until I realized the Steerzo is kind of flimsy and when it flexed it would stop working. I expect Elite realized this because if you compare the feet on the current model with the ad images they have added several but this doesn’t help if the surface is not firm. I had the Steerzo on a Wahoo mat over carpet. Once I realized the problem I put a piece of plywood under the Steerzo and changed the Kickr wheel size to compensate the extra height. I also put cardboard between the plywood and the Steerzo where there are no feet so the entire underside is supported. This eliminated my disconnection problems.

Elite is an Italian company. I believe the names reflect that.