Elite Sterzo Steering Block question


I just ordered (should be arriving soon) the Sterzo Steering Block. From what I saw when I ordered it, it supposedly works with a Wahoo kicker. We liked the idea of being able to turn the handlebars. Has anyone used these two together or did I make a mistake? We use an iPad/ iPhone or MacBook Air.

I’ve reached out to Support and haven’t hear back with an answer. I looked in the forum for an answer and don’t see it. Soon I’m posting a question directly.

Hi @Maria_Saiz
I have a Sterzo Smart. The steering works just fine with a different brand of trainer. I personally have a Saris Hammer S3.

These are the instructions for using the Sterzo Smart with Zwift.

Depending on when your Sterzo was manufactured - you may have to update the Sterzo to the current firmware version before you use it with Zwift. Here is info from June 2021 when Elite made a change to that process. One of the important steps is that you must create a (free) user account on Elite’s support site to register yourself.

Thank you. Very helpful. How doe you like the steering?

It adds a fun dimension. I’d like to think that choosing the shortest line when free-riding a twisty route like Alpe du Zwift will make the suffering stop a little sooner, lol.


Honest question on this idea… is there actually a distance-traveled benefit cutting a corner in Zwift, or is it just appearances?

Yes, there is. Zwift Insider published this article in 2020: Steering vs Distance: Testing the Sterzo On Alpe du Zwift | Zwift Insider
I’ve noticed when riding in a group that allows steering that my cumulative distance will be shorter than that ridden by others on the same ride.

Very cool! Thanks for providing the link.