Sterzo disabled in workout and in free ride

I have been using the Sterzo for probably a month now - maybe longer. I really love being able to optimize my line. So far I have used it just for workouts and free rides. It works great.
Today I tried to do a workout. At first Zwift companion would not find the Sterzo and then when I finally got it to work - after I selected the workout, it would show the message Steering disabled - I tried shutting down my Apple TV and rebooting my iPad to no avail. I even tried just doing a free ride but again - Zwift detected the Sterzo - I got the countdown and then when I went into Zwift it showed that steering was dissabled… in the end I wasted 30 minutes faffing around with it so gave up on my workout. Not sure if this is because of the latest upgrade…
Has anybody else had these problems?
Thanks and Ride ON!

Same problem. I went for a ride this morning and when trying to connect it shows activating and then no signal.

Same here!

Yesterday I joined a meetup, my Sterzo connected and was shown as enabled but didn’t work at all.

Same issue. Connects briefly at startup but disconnects shortly after. Same behavior on OSX and bridge via Android. Was working fine previously. It is now completely non functional. Also trying to turn steering off at startup is a pita.

I had to restart the game several times. After several restarts I ended up riding the world solo. No other avatars, not that I mind. I would like that as an option.

HR also drops out too although it holds on longer

All connections via BT.

So after some frustration I went to change the batteries just in case. The battery compartment on the sterzo is a disaster. I found that the contacts at each end were a bit loose. I bent one out a bit more and got the batteries back in. It was not easy with the extra pressure. After that During a test ride I had no issues. Normally I connect all the devices and then get on the bike as the game starts. I suspect that the extra weight of me on the bike and the Sterzo is flexing the case a bit and disconnecting the batteries.

I will update after a few more rides.

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