Sterzo smart post today’s update

Hi folks. All as normal here except the update. My Elite Sterzo Smart no longer connects. What’s occurring?

Working OK for me (I tested this morning), but you’re not the only person who has reported a problem.

Damn. This was my second choice option on things Zwift will break with the latest update. So close to winning the jackpot.

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Would you email us the logs from that session to

Several Sterzo users at HQ and others outside HQ have checked after hearing about this issue. Most of them had no issues. We’ll need logs to investigate your specific situation.

I don’t know whether this is related, but although my steering was working today, the behaviour seems different from what I have experienced in the past.

For example, when passing another rider quite close (less than a bike width for example), there’s a very obvious sideways impulse that pushes my avatar across the road. This happens if I steer into someone as well - previously I’ll just butt up against them, but now to get “rebounded” back into the road.

It also ended up that I was on the wrong side of the road (i.e. over to the left), and I couldn’t steer far enough to the right to get back into the normal flow of riders (i.e. back into the default draft line).

I’ve noticed that strong swerving behaviour just when watching riders (that I have no reason to believe are using the Sterzo), so I guess they’ve changed the collision/auto-avoidance physics for everyone.

Urgh, I hope not. Surely that would mean that people are pinging all over the place like billiards in any relatively populated stretch of road.

Not necessarily, it might only happen if there’s space to bounce into. Or could just be a coincidence. But I certainly feel like I’ve noticed it in the last day or two (lots of testing!) so your post struck a chord.

I also think something changed.

I am on the left (disk wheel) with a Steerzo and Andy on the right TRON.

you can see his avatar pushing mine over the center line quite a bit.

It also feel like the Steerzo now drift to the left. But that could be my setup. (Although it show 0 in the paring screen when I set it up)

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This is mine. It shows me pinging off someone else as I passed them, but also me being pushed around by people passing me from behind.

The last clip shows how wide I was able to get (left side) on the road - and how I couldn’t get back into the draft lane on the right (I was on “full lock” trying to steer to the right).

Yeah I think that’s what I’ve been seeing, though maybe not quite as obvious. More noticeable the quicker people are going relative to others. They just seem to be weaving around the lane more than before.

Thanks Darren. It works on the ATV and I’m waiting for my ticket to be picked up re it not connecting when using my gaming PC. I did notice the new ability to ride on the opposite side of the road.

Same for me too :pensive:

Today I switched to the iOS version on my iPad. It worked perfectly, so it’s just a problem with my PC version.

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@Dave_Owen_KRT_Titani, @Dave_ZPCMR, @Daren, @Gerrie_Delport. @Shuji_Sakai

After finding this post, I followed the instructions to download ‘vc_redist.x64.exe’ onto my Win10 PC and then everything went back to normal.

I don’t seem to be able to link in my posts but search for the thread:
[Bluetooth devices not seen on Windows 10 [SOLVED]

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That’s really useful and thanks Clark. Ride on.

Is this the link you refer to?

Windows 10 Bluetooth:
Redistributable Packages . Close Zwift, download and install this, reboot your machine and try again.

There’s one on the Zwift forums with the same name

forums . zwift . com /t/bluetooth-devices-not-seen-on-windows-10-solved/505172/7

I’ve been using the Sterzo since December (through Bluetooth companion) with no issue, but this suddenly started happening to me yesterday. Every time I pass someone or get passed it shoots me all the way to the left side.

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