Can I continue on the correct route after choosing the wrong junction and keep all of my route data?

Hi, I was cycling a route today and twice unknowingly steered off the route at a junction. I can steer back onto the correct route but is there a way to continue on with the correct route and keep my route data up to that point without restarting the whole route from the very start?

The first time it happened I was 15 km into the route and restarted the route. The second time it happened, after 35km, I got back onto the correct route but lost my route data for that particular route.

I have a steering device and tend to look at the companion app while cycling and don’t really pay attention to all the junctions. I let Zwift keep me on the correct route but if I accidentally turn the steering at the wrong time it will choose the wrong junction and lose all of my data for the route upto that point :frowning:

Any advice would be appreciated.

When you ask if you can keep your route data are you asking whether you can do anything to obtain your route badge?

If so I believe you can not do anything to obtain the route badge once you have made an incorrect turn. If This is wrong I’m sure others will point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for something else from your route data I’m not sure I can offer any help.

If you have steering enabled I find this a big issue as it does not automatically take you to the route if you have chosen and you end up missing the correct route, a bug that needs to be fixed.

Thanks Ian. Yes you are right. It is the route badge that I was hoping to obtain.

For the harder and longer routes I think I will just have to turn steering off to avoid the issue. There must have been an update over the last few months which allows you to choose a junction via the steering?? I just don’t remember having this feature at the start of the year.


September/October last year IIRC

Thanks for all your replies guys.