Fell off track

Today I drove “the prl half”. After 6 km I was suddenly back to normal in London and had to start again. then 22 km before the end the same thing. Again, without having done anything, the rest of the mileage display disappears at the top and I just drive around London again. any tips about this?

From looking at your Companion app screenshots, it seems you’re using a steering device.
At junctions, it’s very easy – some would say too easy – to unintentionally select a turn when meaning to use steering for lane-selection, which then takes you off the planned route. This is, indeed, very frustrating when route badge hunting.
That may well be what happened to you on that ride.

I’ve been using an Elite Sterzo Smart (a Bluetooth steering plate) for three years, but recently I’ve learnt to center my front wheel (i.e. not engage steering) any time the junction direction-selection arrows appear on screen. This avoids Zwift mistaking my steering intentions (lane selection) for junction turn selection. It shouldn’t have to be like this but Zwift have as yet not addressed this issue.

Out of interest, what device are you using for steering?

thanks niku for the reply. Of course it would be possible that I was driving in the wrong lane. But it shouldn’t count as a turn request. I use the EliteRizer.

I fully agree with you, Thomas.

Here’s Shane Miller/GPLama’s take on the unannounced activation of turn selection for steering devices, including yours and mine, in September 2022. It’s in a 30-second chapter at 3m45s in (video cued to start at that point):

As he says back then, it’s “a little bit clumsy”. No change since, in my opinion.

In the last few months, I’ve noticed the sensitivity of the function (how much the front end needs to be turned to trigger turn selection) varying, probably as Zwift devs tinker with it.
It’s annoyingly unpredictable, so that’s why I now try to make myself steer straight when junction turn selection appears on screen. Not a good implementation.

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thanks Nuki for the information. best regards Thomas