Steering does not work after steering at junctions

Is this a bug? Just couple days ago I learned that steering at junctions is finally supported since last September update. During the last rides I’ve tried to steer at junctions but it did not always work. So far I can’t say for sure what I did to turn. Sometimes a small steering angle triggered the turn but sometimes max angle was required to turn. However, afterwards steering did not work anymore. The status still showed ‘on’ but no reactions during the ride. When I disconnected & connected again, steering was detected in the pairing window, but back on the road again no reaction. Batteries are good.

You heard wrong I’m afraid. You cannot use steering to turn only to adjust your road position.

nope, it has been added, indeed. watch this - 3:40 - Smart turns at Intersections

Well i stand corrected, that one slipped in quietly.

I’ve got a Rizer too!

But then again i don’t think I’ve ridden on Zwift since then.

It’s usually disabled for events/races etc. so you’re best trying it in Free Ride mode. My Sterzo has been working when it should.

It has also happened during free rides. Sometimes a quick turn changes the direction as expected but sometimes no reaction even after multiple repeats. Looks like a crash since after restart it works again.

I’ve been using Sterzo elite for about a month now, all good until a week ago- with Sterzo enabled takes me off the course of the pacer group I joined at the start of my ride and will not allow me to correct. I’ve given up and no longer using steering, so even though I cannot turn on purpose with Sterzo- it does it on it’s own