Steering Broken with Sterzo Smart

Since the release of the Sterzo Smart, the steering in game on my Windows 10 computer has been working fine - either with built in Bluetooth or via the companion app.

However, since the last monthly update, I’ve been unable to use the steering in the same way…

Whilst I know the road is split in two, I’ve been unable to use all of the side of the road I am travelling in. I seem stuck to the left side (of that side if you understand). So I only have 25% of the road available. There are riders on the other half but I’m unable to steer towards them.

The second problem is that as soon as another the rider is bear me or i steer near them, I get bounced to furthest to the left possible.

Both of these problems make steering unusable and I’ve turned it off.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem and/or know how to fix it?

I’ve raised support tickets but for the first time, they seem to be ignored. I usually get a good quick reply from them.

See Sterzo smart post today’s update