Keep going off Loop and Login!

It may well be me but when I start a loop i.e. London Loop it’s not obvious which way to go when you get the option to carry straight on or take a side turn. Could you not have in a small font above the turn options (Carry on London Loop) or have a coloured loop route line on the map? Or is it up to me to research the route and make notes before I start? Oh and one last question for some reason in the last month I have had to login every time as it doesn’t retain my info. I’ve tried uninstalling and even with the re-install it’s happening which is a bit of a hassle tbh. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated

If you’re trying to get a route badge, you have to select the route from the “Routes” list at start time.

When you select a route, Zwift automatically selects the correct turns for you.