Intersection turns occasionally incorrect

Usually, I just pick a route and let Zwift do all the thinking for me and take me wherever the route leads. When I approach an intersection, Zwift used to tell me which way I was turning or if I was going to go straight. NBD. I always had the option to click near the bottom of the screen and go “off route” by choosing my own direction if I chose to do so.

However, on my last few rides, I’ll be shown an upcoming intersection and it will, for example, say I’m turning left but in fact as I get to the intersection I end up going straight or turning right, in accordance with the “canned” route I selected. It doesn’t happen all the time - it seems sort of random. If I cross 20 intersections during a ride, this may happen to me only 25% of the time or less.

Anyone else had this issue? It’s certainly not a show-stopper. So far, if I’ve selected a canned route, Zwift has kept me on that route correctly. It’s just weird to be shown that I’m making a turn when I don’t actually make that turn at all.

I had the same issue yesterday. I rode “Dust in the Wind”. Several intersections showed that I was going to turn off the route but I continued on in the correct direction.

Same issue as you all are having. Riding London route intersection turns pointing one way, turn signal the other. Latest update must have introduced a bug. Had contacted support last week and they said to delete and reinstall Zwift launcher which is 1.0.50. Didn’t seem to make a difference. The issue is very random.

I’ve had the last few times around Watopia - volcano flat route

I tested this again last night - the turn selection shows the wrong direction (seems to default to left) but the rider follows the correct route

I did a race the other day. Still happening …