Directions. Where am I going?!?!

(Matthew Miokovic) #1

Hello Zwift,

Is there any indication when a turn comes up, that you will be continuing on a particular loop that you are riding?

Example- I was riding the flat loop, and I decided once I started on the hilly loop, I would push myself to complete the loop in a exerting fashion. I guessed the first 3 turns correctly to stay on the hilly loop. But the last one, with no more than a half of a mile to the finish, I chose the wrong one!! This has happened to me on the mountain loop as well. Very frustrating.

Sometimes I don’t initially feel like doing any climbing so I choose a flat route. But get motivated to ride a hilly or mountain loop.

Maybe street signs indicating which loop you are merging onto would help.

Matt Miokovic

(Claude Biron) #2

The default choice requires no choice as indicated by the flashing turning lights. The default is the chosen course.

(Matthew Miokovic) #3

So if I’m on the flat route, the turn to stay on the flat route will be flashing?

(Paul Allen) #4


If you select the Flat Route at the bottom of the screen it will highlight which way you are going to turn. Zwift will automatically make the turns for you for a selected route. At the moment there is no way to change the to a new route, but it is coming but no ETA was given.

(Gerrie Delport) #5

Hi Matthew, 

You can look at this page (, there are printable maps for each world.

It is very helpful if you want to change your mind and want to ride id different section of road.



(Ignatias Robot) #6

(Fritz Hartman WBR (B)) #7

Video games often have a “map” feature. Why not a map feature on Zwift as well. Shoot, you might have one, but I have never seen it!

(Chuck Walker) #8

I have the same issue. If you select a route where a loop is not 100% on it, there’s no directions to stay on the timed loop at a fork. The first time on road to ruins, the jungle loop started and I didn’t know I had to break off the auto-route for road to ruins to complete the loop. I would recommend in the top center data box, where the elapsed loop time is displayed to add an arrow to indicate which way to continue to stay on the loop. I’ve only been on zwift a couple months and it’s frustrating to complete most of a loop to set a pr, only to have it lost because I don’t have the worlds memorized. Thanks and ride on.

(Roy Douglass) #9

Also frustraed by this!

Please put a marker telling you which way to turn if you want to keep on loop you are being timed on. Loop is not the same as route!