Auto Follow Route

Is there a setting so that Zwift will select the route I am currently on?  When I ride most of the routes if I don’t select the correct direction, Zwift takes me off the route losing (of course) my time thus far on that route.

Many of the routes overlap so which one would the game choose?

The one currently selected would work, if you start the Volcano loop it stays on it until you choose to leave.  The display shows my current route (if there is one) so should be simple to do.


It already does that, the only why you would get off the route is if you make a turn manually.

I was riding the Volcano route and every lap I had to interact with the directions arrows to stay on the same route.  If I just rode it took me off somewhere else and I lost the route name in the top panel.  It must be something I am doing wrong in my setup, any ideas, please?

Witch volcano route? The volcano flat over laps the hilly route and that will display at the top for a short time, just ignore it.

Thanks Paul for getting back so fast, it was the flat loop with the counter at the start/finish.


Yep, that sounds like the volcano flat route, just don’t make any manual turns.