Following Routes in waitopia

Been using Zwift for a short time a thoroughly enjoying it. Have joined group rides and races. However, when I just want to go alone and complete a route on waitopia or London etc and choose a route… I often am happily following the arrow in the top ribbon then it comes to a junction and I assume if the arrow in the ribbon carries on straight then you should choose to go straight but I always then lose the route…! What am I doing wrong? Do I have to choose the direction the ride goes or does it takes you on the route without me having to make a decision…
hope this makes sense?!?!

Hi Claire,
Your question makes perfect sense: there’s plenty that isn’t clear for people joining Zwift! (I strongly recommend reading the various articles on where much is helpfully explained.)
In essence, once you’ve selected a route and are freeriding, you should not select any arrows that appear on screen. Doing so (or doing u-turns) nullifies the route selection. Zwift takes you through the route automatically until you reach the end-point, where you should see a banner congratulating you on getting the badge for completing that route. You only see that banner once for each route, after which there is no indication that you’ve completed that particular route a second, third or nth time.
The arrows are there in case you just want to go off-route having changed your mind, or, having already won the route badge, want to ride a modified route of your own choosing.
Enjoy getting into Zwift - and Ride On.


P.S. Here’s a good example : All About Cycling Route Achievement Badges in Zwift - Zwift Insider

Thank you so much for your explanation and links which I will take the time to read. Happy riding :+1::hugs:

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