Question from a Noob re Routes/Rides

If I ride a short route and want to choose a new longer route to keep riding, will these two routes be added together at the end of the ride as one activity/ride (desired), or posted as two separate rides/activities (undesired). Thanks.

Hi @Jamie_Bliss, welcome to the forums.

If you are trying to get the route achievement badges you have to save and exit after each route. Zwift will not allow you to go back to the menu and choose a new route once you have started, the only way is to save and exit, then restart the application. You will also not get route badges if you manually navigate during the ride, you must choose the route from the main menu and not alter it until you have finished and see the achievement banner across the screen.

You can manually navigate to anywhere you would like once you have finished a short route, or continue to ride the same route for as long as you want by not making any manual turns and it will be saved as one activity.

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Thanks Mike - I think this answers my question - the notion that we can’t go back to the menu and choose a new route mid-ride. I’m less interested in achievement badges and more interested in combining those shorter routes into a longer ride. But I guess simply proceeding manually can achieve the same effect of turning a short route into a longer activity. - Thanks!

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Hi @Jamie_Bliss

I did the same with those short route badges, I would ride the route get the badge and then continue to select random turns until my workout is done.
There is no need to rush thru the badges there is only 76 of them.

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