Random route entrance and direct access from the badges screen

Hi guys,

Random route
It always takes me a couple of minutes to decide where to ride and select a route and at the end I often ride the ones I know. How about a “start random route” button for the ones that can’t decide where to ride today that takes you anywhere you haven’t been before!

Route access from badges
When strolling through the badges section, I would like to directly start a route that I haven’t complete yet from that screen.


Hi @Randy_Hoeppnaa

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Nice suggestion.

Some options to try:
For random routes you can pick any route then start clicking the turn buttons at intersections and explore the map that way.

You can see what badges you have and need in the route menu. So instead of going from Badge menu to a route. You can look at the routes what badges you need and start riding from there.

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Thanks for the zwift reply! :smiley:

Absolutely right on both points. All possible, nothing groundbreaking new.

It is just about these shortcuts and remove responsibility from lazy me to do something and to get people to explore more. Spotify was facing the same challenge but a bit more granular. How do you get people to listen to new music and not always the same stuff over and over again. Different business model, different reasons for sure.

You could expand on this and create suggestion for routes based on your riding behaviour, but that is really next level on the wish list :slight_smile: