selected routes

I select a route that is not locked, when i start ride the route i select does not come up, At this point i only get 2 routes, Watopia and Hilly loop.  Please assist with issue

Routes tend to over lap other routers. I am guessing you started near the start banner and you might have picked one of the flat routes which will display the Hilly route time at the top, but will make the turns for the selected route. Just keep riding and Zwift will make the needed turns for you or you can use a mouse or the Zwift Companion App and make turns from it.

Hi Truman,

This issue is not uncommon and I’ll try to clear up any possible confusion on the matter.

The Hilly Loop text you are seeing on the left side of the screen is simply showing you the leaderboard ranking for that particular section of the course. This is happening because multiple routes have shared sections of road, and this is not necessarily indicative of the route you are currently riding in the game.

Zwift will drop your avatar into the game at what may appear to be the same spot each time, regardless of what route you selected. However, once you start riding, your avatar will automatically ride in the direction of the route you pre-selected.

NOTE: It may take a few kilometers to get to the start of the route, but assuming you don’t make any custom changes to the route at an intersection, you’ll be directed to the appropriate route.

Also, here’s some more great info on all the routes and courses in Zwift.