Route not loading properly

Started on Zwift a month ago as an alternative to the gym not having cycled for years and have been gradually working up the routes by difficulty. Tried the Watopia flat route the other day and was surprised to find “hilly loop” in the box on the right and side of the screen. Thought they may have a common starting point so set off anyway but on going through the arch the timer for hilly loop started. At the first junction the orange route box said hilly route so I turned left manually and managed to navigate around the flat route by intuition. Strangely no other riders on the route. Similarly yesterday did Innsbrook for the first time and again it tried to take me on the full UCI route (which is way beyond my capabilities! I’ve not had this before-all the other routes-volcano, Yorkshire short routes, Richmond and London Classique just stick to the route automatically once loaded. These were easy to sort out but I’m afraid the same may happen when I try the longer more complicated routes. Any ideas? Thanks.

I would guess that you were on the correct route and would have continued on your selected option had you not made any manual turns. You don’t mention what route you picked in Innsbruck, so I can’t comment on that, but in Watopia the timer for the Hilly Loop will show up whenever you are along the ‘beachfront’ no matter which route you are actually riding. It will then disappear when you turn off of that route.

Those boxes that appear with segment names (like Hilly Loop) can be very confusing at first, because it can easily come across as what route you’re doing, but it isn’t that.

You would think that Zwift would know you’d picked a particular route that wouldn’t complete that segment and not show the box and the timer. But it doesn’t always work in the way that you might expect.

Thanks. Did think that but at the first junction it was taking me on the hilly loop as that was highlighted in orange so I turned. Latest news-tried it again just and this time it took me down “Ocean Boulevard” correctly-odd!

Re Innsbrook, I chose the Innsbrookring-the easiest!

Same situation as the Hilly Loop in Watopia: you’ll see the timer for the UCI Loop until you make the right turn off of that route.

It’s definitely a bit confusing, and I’m not sure why they even show it since the game knows you’ve chosen a different route. My only guess is that the timers are location-based.

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Hi Gary,
it is confusing and there is more - the length of the route and climbing…
Take a look at or (zwifthub perhaps better to see) - there are the Routes including lead-in.
In Zwift just select the world and the route you want - and ride till you see:

Ride on!

Thanks. Yes, I’ve printed off the zwiftinsider list of routes by difficulty and I’m slowly making my way up it! Haven’t looked at Zwifthub yet but will do.

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