Problem selecting routes

Hope anyone can help - I recently decided to do all the routes within watopia one at a time but every time I select one from the routes page then go to the ride page the box on the left side of screen displays the hilly route, which I have completed it’s driving me mad so any help is appreciated

there is an option in the menu to not show it all the time. (leaderboard)

Basically, if you pick any route that starts ‘downtown’ you will see the Hilly Route leade rboard when you start because you are on a part of the Hilly Route at that point in time. If the route you have chosen then takes you off of the Hilly Route (which it is likely to do) the leader board will go away. And if the route you are on takes you back through downtown later in the ride the Hilly Route leader board will reappear, until you again leave the portion of road that is a part of that route.

It can be a bit confusing at first, but once you understand how it works you probably won’t even notice it anymore. And from what Ben indicated, above, it sounds like some platforms might allow the leader board to be removed from the screen. (Not an option on the ATV app, so I’m not sure.)

Also, as you ride around some of the various routes in Watopia, you might see this same sort of thing happen if you end up on any portion of the Volcano Circuit or the Jungle Circuit, as both also have timed laps that offer a jersey to the person with the fastest lap.It doesn’t mean you are actually doing that route, just that you are on it. (Though, if you wanted, you could decide to make the manual turns necessary to stay on the lap and try to get the jersey.)


Thanks guys really helpful makes a little more sense - just another question (sorry fairly new to this) When I select a route say the flat route in watopia how do I know I’m on that route I take it just stay on it not select any other choice when on is given - sorry for the silly question

Yes. When you select a route it spawns you and will keep you on that route as long as you don’t make any manual turns. will give you a profile of each route, it’s official distance, the lead-in distance of the route, elevation, and lead-in elevation. It’s a good resource if you haven’t seen it.

And… (because this concern comes up often)… when you have selected a route and know how long it is, don’t be alarmed if, when you have ridden that exact distance in game, you do not immediately get the route achievement banner. The official route distance is (X), but you have to ride (the initial lead in distance + X) to get to the end of the route. Just keep riding until you get the achievement banner (typically upon going through/under an arch).

Thanks Xavier really helpful much appreciated

Thank you