Laps on route (WATOPIA FLAT)

Hi just joined Zwift. I was looking to do several laps of the Watopia flat route.

Wanted to check if i select the route and complete the first lap does it automatically do the same route if i continue to pedal or do I need to re-select myself ?

You stay on the same route.

Is there any marker indicating when you’ve completed a lap?  Or does it just keep going?  This morning I selected a route based on the distance it said it would go and wasn’t sure when it ended.  

There is no indication when you complete the flat route lap (some laps will complete with a total time for the lap), you just keep doing the lap until you stop or make a manually turn.

Okay great.  Thank you for the feedback!  Good to know!  That would be a nice feature I would think.

It just keeps going. Mostly, you know you’ve completed a lap when you’ve gotten back to where you started.

On select routes you’ll get a timer (Watopia hilly, perhaps – the first Watopia course?) and there’s a banner at the start/finish. On the volcano flat route(s) you also get a lap counter.

Okay cool!  So there are a couple!