Zwift wont let me to a ride

I’m somewhat new to zwift. I chose the ‘flat volcano’ 7.6mi ride in watopia. It was unlocked for me. I selected this course, then clicked ‘ride’.
zwift placed me on the main road along the beach slightly before the ‘start’ line. I noticed the box on the left that gives you live read outs on current routes, who has the best 30 day time etc…accross the bottom there are colored circles I can view different routes. The ‘flat volcano’ wasn’t one of them.
Upon crossing the start line my personal timer starts timing me on the ‘hilly’ route of some kind. I do nothing but ride, the first turn zwift automatically makes me turn left which stops the timer for the hilly route.
What is going on?

Short version…

When you select a route, as long as you do not make any turns manually, the auto-pilot will take you on the route. Basically, ignore the turn indicators and the 30day PR table which will occasionally pop up for various segments. Neither the turn indicators nor the 30d PR table will say “Volcano Flat” at any given time. Again, the auto-pilot will take you on the route you selected.

Once you become more familiar w/Zwift (i.e., maps and routes), you will understand what is being shown to you. In the meantime, trust the auto-pilot. It only screws up once in a while :rofl: Really, it does!

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That’s exactly what I did was let the autopilot take me and it did take me on the correct route but I got no statistics related to that route when I crossed the finish line. I just kept riding with no alert signaling I had finished the route so I ended my ride. I got the stats for the ride but in no way does it say it was the Galvani route, and furthermore had I chosen to stop 30 seconds later then that would be even more additional data included

You are correct. There will be no in game or post ride (Zwift) notification stating you rode the Volcano Flat route. Your time for the Volcano Flat route will also not appear anywhere in Zwift or the Companion app.

If you auto sync or upload your ride to Strava, there are segments created for all of the routes, KOMs, sprints, etc., along with what seems like a bjillion personal (useless :thinking:) segments. Thus, Strava will allow you to see your ride stats in a more readily available manner. This assumes of course you use Strava.

Only segments with a jersey will appear on the left. Like a KOM, sprint, or just a select few routes. On Watopia those routes would be Jungle, Hilly, and Volcano loop - all of those forward and reverse. The rest of the loops exist for riding, no in game loop timing.

I agree with all the above answers.
I recommend a program called “Zwift map”. You can place this on the top of your desk top as a clear overlay that just shows the outline of all the roads of the World that you are riding in. It shows your position as a dot in that world and you can scale it to what ever size you want and place it anywhere on the screen.
It really helps you to learn the worlds and the routes.

So many Zwifters use the Volcano flat route it would be nice
if Zwift gave us stats for that route,

Oh, and a Jersey.

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