Long flatish routes

Hi all,

Does anyone kniw if there are any plams for a route simlar to watopias waistband to be available on Zwift i would lime to do a long ride that doesnt inclide a mountain?

By making manual turns you can keep it interesting.

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laps of france → RGV (but kinda boring) “R.G.V.” Route Details (France) | Zwift Insider

laps of volcano circuit are also alright, few achievs there: “Volcano Circuit” Route Details (Watopia) | Zwift Insider

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Similar distance, nice variety and only extra 50m of climbing (145m v 95m) “Wandering Flats” Route Details (Makuri Islands) | Zwift Insider

ZwiftHacks allows you to sort routes by climb/elevation amount.

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France is pretty flat. Also Out and Back is pretty flat until you get to the volcano then just turn.

If you can navigate manually then Watopia Waistband- that’s approximately 25km so 3 laps is 75km. Only little gradients, nothing too difficult.

That’s really the best one. You can try adding extra bits to it but it’s probably the best.