Longest Flattest Course

Would that be Big Foot Hills? I am from south NJ where everything is flat. The hills are fun, but I need a break from them today.

One of the handy places to look at climbing versus distance is Zwifthub. The ascents and the distances are displayed for all courses along with the profiles. Pick the level of climbing you want per kilometer or mile.

i used zwifthub to figure that. i am just trying for a second opinion.

Big Foot Hills isn’t flat. Try Tick Tock or Tempus Fugit.


Tempus Fugit is the fattest that I know of. Are you trying to target a specific distance?

If you want a flat loop then Watopia’s Waistband only has 95m over 25kms and is probably a bit more interesting than just going back and forth in Tempus Fugit

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… is an event-only route.


I did not know that. In that case the new Beach Island loop only has 48m in 13kms

But is simple enough to route/steer manually :smiley:

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Just pick any route of the length you want and then go into settings and move the Trainer Difficulty slider all the way to the left. This makes it so the trainer puts out a constant resistance as opposed to getting harder or easier as you hit up and down hills. Note that Zwift will still calculate your speed based on the actual power you’re putting out, but you won’t feel it getting harder or easier. I did a ride with this setting yesterday because I destroyed myself on Alpe Du Zwift a couple days ago and I needed a day of perfectly even spinning. I’d say it works almost 100%, there might be slightest changes when you hit hills but that could have just been in my mind it was so subtle.

The only way I know to get to settings is to actually go in to start a ride and then click Menu and then settings is available along with garage, etc. There may be another way to get to settings that I’m not aware of.