Flat training Routes

Guys is the list of flat routes I mean flat routes over 40km

I’d like to know this too. Just doing Fuergo flats back and forth at the moment

It would be nice if this route was available for free rides: https://zwiftinsider.com/route/watopias-waistband/

Every world has a Flat’ish (is that a word?) See this link https://zwiftinsider.com/route-details/

You can use this one to find more flat routes. https://zwifthacks.com/app/routes/

Watopia - Flat (10.3km Elevation 54m)
NYC - The 6 Train (6.4km Elevation 61m)
London - Greater london flat (11.6km Elevation 45m)
Innsbruck - Innsbruckring (8.8km Elevation 72m)
Richmond - Flat (Loop) (5.1km Elevation 11m)

not for free ride.
NYC - Gotham Grind (9.2km Elevation 86m)

This is a nice loop:

It is event only but you can do it by doing manual turns.

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I wouldn’t really call anything in NY flat, they are all pretty much rolling hills. :wink:

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you can make any route “flat” by setting trainer difficulty to… “off”.

Yes, if you have a smart trainer.

Best flat route is Tempus Fugit (Watopia). On distance 50km you have only 40m elevation gain. Just ride as long as you want. Don’t need nothing to navigate there.

You may be able to remove the trainer resistance but you will be going very slow.

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oh really my difficulty is always on 100%

Try turning it down a bit, you may find zwift more enjoyable at a lower percentage

I like about 30%, I still have to shift but I can basically leave it in the big ring unless I’m going up some of the really steep stuff

Not sure what you mean by “if you have a smart trainer” (but please feel free to clarify…)

I used to have a fluid trainer, where resistance is dependent on speed. I used my bike’s gears to vary the resistance, thus the required power output.

Applying one bike’s gears correctly, you can “simulate” any gradient (=required power) you wish.

Mike just clarified that only smart trainers have the option to change trainer difficulty.

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Maybe you never used the fluid trainer on Zwift, but the trainer difficulty setting is only available if you have a smart trainer, on a classic “dumb” trainer setup the difficulty slider is grayed out and unavailable.


Looks like you misread my post… “used to have a fluid trainer” is past tense.

As I said, you can get the “flat” effect (or close to it) using any trainer. Actually, the whole idea of having gears is meant to flatten a course.

No, I didn’t misread it, just wanted to clarify to the OP that this setting is only available if you have a smart trainer.

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