Beginner Routes

Yep, a couple of other posts with similar request. . . anyone able to suggest a few “beginner routes”. For me, I’m talking 12-18 miles that are “very flat”?

I see suggestion to turn difficulty down so everything is flat, but that sort of defeats the purpose of having a “route”. So far, the scenery change helps avoid boredom; likewise a little elevation change. But the last ride was called “Flat Route in Watopia” – but I saw 6, 7, 8% ascents and 12% descent! Not so flat for me :wink:


Start here:

…and more goodies here:

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What Otto said will point you to all the right stuff.
Flat Route isn’t pan-flat since it goes thru the Esses (where you’ll have a number of short rollers). Good superflat routes might include:
Watopia- Tempus Fugit (basically 1 bump ever), Tick Tock, Volcano Flat, Triple Flat Loops (Volcano circuit may or may not match what you’re looking for)
France- Douce France and R.G.V.
Richmond- the Fan Flats
London- Classique, Greater London Flat


“Flat Route” is not that flat. You can sort routes by the amount of elevation and then pick one that is the distance you want. A couple popular ones in Watopia are Tempus Fugit and Tick Tock. There are also some fairly flat Makuri Islands routes like Island Hopper and Wandering Flats.

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Yes, Makuri is basically my go-to flat world. Forgot that one. :grinning:

Just in case you aren’t aware, if you are using a smart turbo and you select a workout, you can then choose any route you want on the new UI that most hardware uses for Zwift now…

And doing a workout ignores the gradient of the route, you simply match the power interval requirements, so you could chose any route you like. Including, for example, the basically all uphill Ven Top.

Create a custom workout using intervals. Set them all to the same watts, whatever you are comfortable riding at. That way you will earn 12 XP per minute. Select any route you fancy. I do this for zone 1 re overy rides. If you pick a hilly route you also get the benefit of metres gained for the Everest challenge.

Wow, great responses. Many thanks. The map from CJ is perfect. Very easy to see the “ups and downs” of the routes!

I’ve tried Tempus Fugit and Tick Tock; enjoyed them. Also picked the beach route around Watopia’s volcano. I got cute and took a turn that went up the volcano – terrible mistake!!

I’ll check out some of the other suggestions, too. I’m not into competing, or the game, or earning various points or whatever. . . yet!?! But a few different routes to provide variety in scenery is good.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.

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