long flatish route

i would like to see in Zwifts next expansion, i long route of mostly flat, mild rollers,say 40+ miles so that on those days we are doing longer rides we dont just have to do loops of 5-10 mile lengths.


No not more flats please. :slight_smile:


I would rather have more options than a 40 mile flat route. I think the amount of effort to create 40 mile of new “FLAT” route  is huge. 

Maybe another 10 mile flat that intersect with other routes will give you the option to turn and mix up the road. 

If you choose a 10 mile road you only have to do it 2x forward and 2x reverse to get to 40 mile.


I like the idea of a long flat type route… I was thinking of something more like the Ironman bike course from the Kona, Hawaii Ironman…112 miles, but you can always turn around and head back anytime you wish…

Agree. The problem at the moment is we either get virtually flat routes or big hills and nothing much in between. I think many of us like a rolling rural ride without any big climbs but not dead flat. 

I think 40 miles is excessive. Most enjoyable part of zwift for me is going uphill. That is because all I have are flats around me. So maybe a mix, say a new 15mi road, that connects to an existing flatish road, leading to a 5 mi climb. Both worlds are happy then.

Hmmm, thanks for all the feedback! We’ll see what changes the future holds… 

I think Lional Sanders would be happy if there was a Kona styled Big Island ride, just off Watopia, with a similar run simulation alongside as well. This would be awesome for all those triathletes who can’t qualify for the Ironman World Championships.

On aside note: there are more and more triathletes/duathletes enjoying Zwift now the running section is part of Zwift World. By providing better options for triathletes/duathletes, the popularity of the running will organically grow. 

That’s definitely true Stephen and there are many plans to improve and update our Run mode. The more athletes eager to continue their training and experience with Zwift, the merrier!