Every course should have a flat and a hilly option, let us choose when we log in

As a frequent Zwift user, I need to be able to choose between a flat route and a hilly route so that I can determine which is more appropriate for the ride I want to do that day.

It would be AWESOME if every world had a flat-ish option and a hilly option. For some intervals and workouts, I would like a relatively flat course. I have an extremely difficult time doing my workouts on the New York City Central Park course because it is so hilly. I can’t do 400 W on a 7% downhill. . But I would like to ride that course if I did not have intervals planned.

I highly recommend that each course have a choice and that you let us make it when we first get started.

but when you’re doing a workout in zwift, the terrain doesn’t affect your ride. i mean, your avatar will slow down going up the hills and speed up going down them, but it doesn’t make it any harder for you. :thinking:

I am not doing Zwift workouts, I am doing workouts from a non-Zwift plan. I have a smart trainer, I realize I could put it in erg mode, but I really hate that.

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ahh, gotcha. that makes sense.

what’s about Trainer’s Difficulty setting to 0 or some very low number. It should help to flatten out those “hills” and also “descents” …


Don’t ride the KOM on the NY course. Just navigate to avoid the 2 big climbs or select one of the flatish routes.

Ditto about trainer difficulty. I have mine set to 40%. I can put out power on descents.

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@Jim_M you could do workouts with out ERG mode there is a option to turn it off, that is how i do all my workouts (also non zwift workouts) it is so easy to make your own workouts in Zwift or http://zwofactory.com/

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Lots of hilly courses on Zwift. A few that are flat-ish but have a climb somewhere along the route. Very few truly flat routes.

ERG mode, custom workouts, and adjusting trainer difficulty can help, but are not the same as just having a flat route.

More FLAT routes, please

Why would you want to ride a flat route. The fun in cycling is you have different places to ride with different profiles.

Did you read the rest of this thread? Or the one that I linked…? The reasons are listed.

In this case, since there is only one really flat route anywhere in the Zwift worlds, a flat route WOULD BE the different profile.

Yes I did, and the original poster’s concern was doing interval training, and I suggested a solution.
I also read the link you posted, and i still need more info on why. Yes you will go slower on a climb but the climb are short less than 200m. And yes lighter riders will fly off the front, strong riders will go off the front on flat routes.

Here are a list of the flat routes in every “world”
Watopia Flat:

Richmond Flat:

Greater London flat:



January 2019: NYC only 7 days 23% and that has one climb of 7.3% for 38m.

The only one of those you listed that is close to flat is Richmond, and even that has a 2.9% slope.

Watopia Flat has a climb of 5.4%.

Greater London Flat has a 1 km climb of 3.7% and 2.6%.

The 6 Train has grades of 5.2%, 4.3%, 7.3%, 5.1%…

Innsbruckring 7.9%.

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I personalty think the ones I listed is flat with a bump or two, but they are short, at most a 2min climb. I looked at your profile and you do a lot of climbing (like the epic KOM and alpe).

But sure everyone has have the right to like different things.

Gerrie, if you take a look at the link you will see I made a suggestions for a long flat route of 28 miles. I don’t want any climbs, but maybe some small elevation changes of 1-2% once in a while. I would like it to traverse the outside (coastline) of Watopia and sometimes going inland for different scenery.

All of the current “flat” routes are not flat and extremely short. I don’t see why Zwift cannot accommodate the riders who prefer the flat, since they have more than do so for the ones that want to climb.


Let me get my head around what’s being requested. Person doing workout wants flat route so that trainer resistance is fairly constant. I get that. Doesn’t want to be locked into ERG mode. I get that although I do my workouts almost exclusively in ERG mode.

Trainer in sim mode and only riding the flat routes. You may need to use the world hack to preferred route
Trainer in sim mode but with difficulty dialed right down. This essentially flattens Zwift out. For example I do Volcano flat races all in the same gear with difficulty set at 40%. I modulate power by increasing / decreasing cadence
Doing a Zwift workout but with ERG mode disabled. You get the targets but aren’t locked into ERG mode. You’re then in sim mode (I think)
Do what I do with my workouts and run Trainerroad on my phone controlling my trainer in ERG mode (can also switch ERG off and run in standard mode with fixed resistance). Zwift runs on my PC with it picking up power from my power meter (could also be my smart trainer if I wanted). I can then ride any route the only difference is I go slower going up hills.
Ride outside

@Nigel_Doyle: Is you do workouts with ERG mode disabled, you change the trainer resistance using the ± keys or on the companion app, and also by changing gears. The road is essentially Flat and as you mentioned you just go slower on the climbs.

Thanks Gerrie. I wasn’t certain as I’ve never tried it.