Flat course?

Any chance you can add a flat course soon? Even if it’s an exact replica of the current course, just without the hills?

The reason I ask is that I’m still doing my structured workouts outside the app, but try to do my recovery rides in Zwift. It’s kind of hard to keep below my target power level though with the hills.

Are you using a trainer that is getting feedback from Zwift? Thus the hills impact your power targets?
I think a great course for interval work would be something real, but that you’re most likely never to ride you bike on. Daytona International Speedway, Atlanta Airport Runways, Nürburgring.

Yes, I’m on a Computrainer, so the 8% incline puts me out of a Z1/Z2 target even in my lowest gear.

I use a CT as well and with me being heavy (95kg) I also find it tough to keep the h/r down on recovery rides. You could do two things. Put your weight down to something pretty low for this ride only and change it back after. This will make the hill easier or if you use TrainerRoad you can use this for the power figures if you have two ANT+ usb sticks and tick the ‘trainer relay’ tab in the devices page.
This might work with Racermate 1 but I have not tried it with that.

Not sure how many flat landers are out there, but here in Central Florida a climb and overpass are typically the same thing. While we do have some hill workouts, they would be laughed at by most Californians. My average rides equate to 20’ of climb per mile.

Having some flat courses or minor elevation changes would allow me to train like I ride.