Kona Course for Triathletes

(Simon Goss Team LSF) #1

Would love to have a replica of the Kona course for Triathletes to get our teeth into, instead of Kona distance events round Watopia etc.
I realise it’s quite specific, and would need to be a selectable course, but this could be done by selecting Kona as a training session, taking us straight to the Island Course.
I’m sure this would be a huge hit amongst people like myself training for IronMan events.

(Paul Allen) #2

I would rather see a 28 mile flat route with turns and a few small elevation changes (no particular IRL course). I don’t see the entire Kona course being on Zwift for a long time.

(Karissa Minn) #3

Does it really make sense for Zwift to devote the amount of time and effort it would take to create 112 miles of road (okay, technically 56 if it’s an out-and-back) that serves only a select group of people, and only during certain points in their training? I mean, sure, you can ride a course without finishing the lap, but let’s say most people ride an average of 25 miles of it… that’s still nearly 80 miles that people won’t complete unless they “ride with” someone (or Zwift adds different starting points, I suppose). And while Hawaii is quite beautiful, I was watching the Kona race coverage yesterday, and it doesn’t seem like the scenery or the terrain of the course would be all that varied or interesting.

(Of course, this isn’t counting the running portion, which I imagine very, very few runners would see in its entirety, too.)

What would a Kona course specifically add to Zwift?

(Paul Allen) #4

You can say a lot of the same things about Alp de Zwift and a lot of the long mountainous/hilly routes, but Zwift put those within the game.

Triathletes have been for the most part been ignored on Zwift and that is surprising considering Jordan Rapp is an ex-pro triathlete. There is only 1 TT/Tri bike, no long flat route for Z1/Z2 training, no tri suits available, and no real triathlon training plans.

(Peter Steinhauer) #5

Totally agree Paul. I am a cyclist but full on triathlete as well and despite what Karissa Minn said, there are massive amounts of triathletes all over the world and a Kona course would fill up for sure just for the training on that course but also so we don’t have to do loop after loop after loop. There is Zwift run as well so lets fill in the last one with a tri specific course. I have a pool just two minutes away and will come back quick after my swim session and jump on the bike, then run on the treadmill right after the ride. Would be hugely successful! Come on Zwift, lets get with it. Whats the point of a “Kona challenge” when we are in Watopia?

(Karissa Minn) #6

Alpe du Zwift is not equivalent at all, in distance, time it would take to complete, terrain, or variety of scenery (do you want a Kona course that looks nothing like Kona? If so, what is its purpose?). And not all triathletes do full-distance Ironman races. In fact, I’m guessing most of them do not.

How, specifically, would a Kona course serve triathletes any better than what Zwift already offers? How would a very long, flat, visually uninteresting course help with triathlon training any more than what is already on Zwift? I know a triathlete who set out to do one of his long training days on the Four Horseman course. That has a lot of variety in the scenery so you won’t get bored doing lap after lap. Set trainer difficulty to zero and your legs won’t know the difference. Train on time and not distance. :slight_smile:

Zwift has a limited amount of money and time it can spend. This is really not the best use of it.

(Paul Allen) #7

I’m not asking for the Kona course I’m asking for a relatively flat 28 miles course with turns and a few small inclines. For me it’s not about the resistance, and I’m sure A LOT would agree it’s about speed. When doing Z1/Z2 miles it would be incredibly boring to do long inclines, it’s more engaging when you are doing a similar speed that you would do in real life. A course like the one I’m asking for would be wildly popular for races, easy rides and group rides.

I didn’t just sign up for Zwift today, I have been using it for over 3 years and have been extremely active on the forums for the last 2 so I know a little bit about Zwift and what it takes for new courses.

■■■■ the climbers cried enough and got Alp de Zwift (which is not that popular any more), so I don’t see why the triathletes can’t get something.

Btw, I do sprints and Olympic distance at the moment, but am moving up to 1/2 and full in the next couple years so a course like I’m asking for would be beneficial for training.