Kona Ironman Bike and run course

I am wondering if you have ever considered creating a Ironman World Championship course from Kona, Hawaii? For us Triathletes, it would be great to practice on it and it would be straight roads with ups and downs and a 112 mile road. Lava all over with ocean and volcanos in the background, it would be a stunning course. Very inspiring for us triathletes. It gets quite boring doing tons of loops around Watopia or London (love the courses but for long, long rides its difficult for loops). Having the run as well would be EPIC!!!  It would be very inspirational for us who target this race.

I hope to hear from you on this.

Thank you for your consideration.

Been suggested a few times, but it seems like the cyclist just vote it down.

Wow, really? I just got back from there and the course is far, far more difficult, hilly and undulating than one would think and far more than it looks on TV.  It is hard!  But to us who target the race it is great training.  World Champs course in NC for cyclists?  For us cyclists…and triathletes, the Would Champs course in Kona with run course could actually be used for serious training.

I have raced Kona 8 times… that bike course makes Watopia flat seem very exciting. :slight_smile:

Would love to cycle a virtual kona course on zwift.