Ironman training courses

How about adding full and half Ironman rides and runs?

What would that specifically be? You can do a 112 mile ride on Zwift any time.

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The course profiles

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There’s a thread for a Marathon run/bike course that would mimic the true initial run to Athens (whether a 26.2 minute course or just a 1/4 version where 2 laps equal exactly 26.2 miles. Give it some support. Someone else wants a full Kona bike course. Vote it up, give it a “heart”/love.

If there’s a specific course you refer to, mention some reasons for that course? What are it’s strengths and features? For example the Greek or Kona Marathon courses would be much more beautiful than New York or Boston. But their supporters may find certain features endearing, despite the unattractiveness of most city street courses. (Like the park in Richmond).

There are loads of IronMan events though, and they all have different profiles. I assume you mean Kona.

That looks like a relatively straight out and back. Looks pretty flat too, given the longest climb is 150m over 8km.

Doesn’t sound particularly interesting to me. I expect it’d be quite hard to fit a 90km spur into Watopia though. It’d dwarf the existing roads. When you look at the relative sizes of the islands:

You’d end up with something similar to this:


(E&OE but I think I’ve got the scales right)