Route Selection Error

Using iOS, tried selecting Flat route in Watopia, but was put on the Hilly route.  This happened twice, then I learned how to scroll through the routes, but the Flat route did not appear.



I think on the top it will say Hilly Route at the beginning but after awhile Zwift will make the turns for the Flat Course.

Flat Route shows on mine.

Hi John, 


Do you remember what day you were looking for the Flat route on? Was it a Watopia day? 

It was earlier today, Mar 29. I believe it was Watopia day. 

My screen was the same as Paul has shown above. I selected Flat Route, pressed Ride. As I started riding, I could see that the pop up window on the left said Hilly route. Perhaps Paul was correct in that the turns kept me on a flat course.