Route signs

There’s probably already something built in for this, but today I wanted to change the route from the one I started to another route after a lap, but I wasn’t sure where to turn for that (plus I’m on a Macbook Air mirroring to a large TV and I’m too dim witted while riding to remember which command and number key to hold to do stuff). I ended up exiting and going back in for a “second” ride on the other route (ok, I admit-I wanted to do the flat route…).

I’d love to see signs at the turns so you know which route you’re turning onto, like a road sign if I decide to go “off course”. Tried my GPS like usual, but damn thing was useless (kidding! kidding!).

But for real, so far Zwift has been more than I could have hoped for recovering after injury and a couple surgeries. I’m having a blast. Thanks for the great app.

You can’t change from “mountain route” to “hilly route” for example, but you can control where you turn.  When you approach an intersection there are buttons that appear at the bottom of the screen that show where you can go if you choose them.

If you’re on a route, Zwift chooses the appropriate turn.  But you can manually change this if you like.  Or do a u-turn.  

In that case the only way to do different routes in one night is to go out and back in, like I did? Bummer. Ok then. Suggestion is to be able to change routes without shutting down the app and restarting it!! :slight_smile:

Zwiftblog has maps of the worlds with all the routes that you can download

Maps, hahahaha! Maps. So you know the whole stereotype about women who can’t read maps? Uh, yep. Me (sometimes you just have to accept your shortcomings and move on). Yeah, I’d definitely be the one who drives into a lake because the GPS told me to.

Honestly I really thought the turns were to other routes and was just hoping for signs to let you hop on and off different routes (of course I’m talking about the just ride option rather than the workout options). Since you can’t do that I should sort of close this discussion, I suppose.


Memorizing maps shouldn’t be necessary. Changing routes and having a better idea of where you are and where the turn is taking you seems like a common sense improvement that could be considered. I’ve been on Zwift since July 2015 and am past level 25, so I’ve done my fair share of riding - and still get confused sometimes on where I am :) 

There should be “road signs” with informations and arrows. In fact there are some (“1.3km to village, 6km to summit” and the like), so it would stay consistent.

I’d like to be able to do this too. Use 1 route as a warm up, then switch to your main workout route, and finally back to the flat one as a warm down. I’'d actually prefer them to be recorded as separate rides so the stats don’t get lumped in together. Unfortunately this would seem to require closing and restarting, which, with rural (very slow) internet, is a right pain! I usually start Zwift then go to change into my workout gear while I wait for it to load.