how to tell what route I'm on once I'm riding

Am I missing something. After I start I often forget which route I picked and I’ll be danged if I can find a screen that tells me the route name once I’ve started riding.  Feel free to say “hey you idiot…just tap on the …button and it’s right …”


No there is no button to tap, after some time you will learn the routes.

This site is very help full.

Eric Schlange mentioned that he will update the maps soon.

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It would be nice if the map in top corner of Zwift could zoom out and in - to show where you are on the ride.

I know it adjusts the angle - but to see the whole map would be nice and your route highlighted and a flashing beacon for yourself, then you can zoom in again.


Maybe this should be a new thread, but it seems relevant here too so…

It would be very useful, imo, if there was a way to preview which course people you follow are riding (and where they happen to be on it) in the main menu before you click to ‘join another Zwifter’.  

More than once I’ve jumped in to ride with a friend who was online only to find myself immediately slogging up the steepest parts of the Epic KOM with no chance to warm up first, or else somewhere I don’t immediately recognize (usually only happens if riding in ‘reverse’).  And, sure, it’s no big deal: I either suffer through it and keep going or quit the ride, start over and choose a different course.  Just think it would be a nice feature to add.

Hi Joe, check out  It will display on the map any active riders you follow.  You can’t necessarily determine the exact course they have chosen, as several courses have roads in common [e.g., a few courses go through the Italian village], but it will show where in the world your friends are.

Ride on!


Cheers, Phil. I’ll check it out!