Recalling bike routes

Another new Zwifter here and I have a question which I’ve been unable to find answer too.
I like to ride in Watopia and as I go I to try different routes. Lately I’ve taken different turns and have done some fun loops. I know my starting route and end up meandering onto other routes as I make my way back. So when I’m done how do I look back to see exactly what I did or int there a way? Strava doesn’t help.

Thanks fellow Zwifters!

Hi @Wendy_Miller

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You can use the Zwift companion app, it is available on Iphone and Android, find it in the app store.

It will look like this.

Why doesn’t Strava help?

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Strava is tough because it shows an actual map, not the Watopia map.

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Hi Gerrie,
I do see the finished map in Zwift. Companion, when I get the choice to change routes is what I’m trying to find.
In Strava all I see are segment names on the ride.
Only been doing this a month, reading and watching lots of videos to understand the workings in Zwift.


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I found this very helpful when I started.

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