Route Start/End and previous comparison doesn't work for all routes

I’ve ridden a few routes and I have two complaints:
1- Not all have a known start and end. This makes it difficult to know when it started and ended. I don’t need to earn a badge for every route i do, I would just like a specific spot that it shows I’ve completed that route (the same spot every time). This goes with complaint #2
2- Not all routes have a defined distance that gets tracked. I will ride the same route and would like to compare to the previous times I’ve done that route. Complaint # 1 would help this, but I’ve ridden the Watopia figure 8 forward a few times, going well over the 18.5 miles indicated (always going past the “Arch” that is about 1/2 mile in), this morning going to 20 miles, but when I look at my info in Strava, there has never been a “Figure 8 Forward” segment defined, with associated data for that day.

Is there a setting or two I’m missing, or is this just not something there for every chosen route?

You aren’t missing anything. Most of the routes do not have a timer on the HUD to show you your progress. Almost all the routes start and end at a banner. There was supposed to be a UI update this month, but that seems to have been pushed back due to the pandemic and other issues like keeping the system stable during the huge increase in Zwifters.

Look for the ZwiftInsider verified segments on Strava to track your progress in the meantime.


Thank you. Looking forward to the UI update that might help this out.

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After some times on Zwift you get to know the routes like you know your local routes. Every world has one spawn point, except for Watopia that has 3.

Routes start and end at a banner, except the desert in Watopia where it is a stone arch.

check this out it is good information.


London has at least two as well, near the sprint banner and near (or from) the start pens.

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