Noob question: how do I see which routes I took in past rides?

I’ve been riding with Zwift for about six weeks, and generally ride either custom or built-in workouts. When I look at past rides in the activity feed in the Companion, I can see all kinds of data, including the map of my route. So, while it is evident that I’ve ridden NYC or London or Watopia, I can’t tell which specific routes I rode. For instance, I really liked the Tempus Fugit ride in Watopia; ideally, I would love to compare those rides over time to track my progress on that specific route.

Is there a way to view this data that I haven’t yet found? I am sure more experienced riders have thought of this — how do the rest of you figure this out?


Join Strava.

Then link your Zwift account to your Strava account, here.

Your future Zwift rides will upload to Strava and you can view your route on Strava and compare your times riding on those routes.

You could also change the name of the ride to include the route before you save and exit.

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