Access new Ride Reports from dashboard

(Bob Slawson) #1

The newly added Ride Reports (March 30,2017 update) are great! I would like to access them from the dashboard for saved rides as well. Same format is fine.


(JD Griffis) #2

Agree, seems kind of strange to have all that info; but have it just disappear if you don’t view it right then and there.

(Bret Giuliani - RtR) #3


Why even implement the ride report if you can’t go back and look at it later?

(Steve Pirrottina) #4

This is a must. I find these reports useless if I can’t refer to them for historical purposes.

(Loren Scott6661) #5

I just recently started with Zwift. Am I reading correctly that the kick ass sprint that I just did in my ride just now is lost forever? I’ve been researching this and found other similar posts that try to imply that we need to depend on Strava for that. That is a major omission for an app like this, in my opinion. :( 

(Bob Slawson) #6

Loren:  All your Zwift data is saved.  Log in to, that will bring up the dashboard where your ride data can be accessed.  I upload to Strava and then sync with Strava from Golden Cheetah to view and analyze the power data.

(Loren Scott6661) #7

So, it still does require Strava to analyze the data? Hmm… okay.

(Clau Saez) #8

Yes, we need this feature.