Ride Reports

At the end of every ride I see a report that shows me all the data about what I’ve just done.  Where do I go to access this again, days later?

At the moment your best option is to upload your rides to Strava, but more features are coming to https://my.zwift.com/index.jsp

Thanks @Paul

I know that you can’t do everything at once, but this is an enormous hole in the Zwift offering. I couldn’t believe that the report is not available after the ride. The analysis available in Strava is rather limited and I don’t want to pay for Strava Premium as well as Zwift.

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There is a ride report when finish a ride, but you just are not able to see it again once you close the app. Hopefully in the future we will be able to see additional info on the website.

I for one like having the data on Strava so I can have all my workouts in one place (IRL rides, runs, swimming, weight training and more).

You could use Golden Cheetah, it has about all the features of Strava Premium but it’s free.

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Thanks for the rapid response. Your own website would certainly be the most convenient place for me to look art the data. I would particularly value being able to see how much time I spent in each zone. Please just bear this in mind when you are deciding how to allocate your finite amount of development time.









Sorry for the confusion, but I don’t work for Zwift.

Wow, you are one dedicated community member then.