How do I access old ride reports?

Is it possible to go back to look at ride report data if you forget to take a screen shot before saving?

Hi @Suzy_Howick welcome to Zwift forums.

You sure can. Log in to and you can select the “Just Me” option on your Activity Feed.

This view allows you scroll back in time. If you click on a session, you can see the recorded data.

If you happen to use Strava, Garmin Connect, or another third party platform and a particular session is missing on that end, you can manually upload that session. Here’s how.

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Zwift Companion app also has ride history info available.

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Both the website and the app don’t seem to show the critical power curve. Is it impossible to view this after the fact or is it permanently gone once you’ve finished a ride and closed that initial report?

Nope. That one is one-and-done. If you didn’t ‘take a photo’ you can’t go back and get that data from Zwift. It might be available through a third-party app, though, if you upload your ride to it. Someone else would have to chime in with more details on that, though.

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There is many 3rd party apps to do that.

Same as you use for all your outdoor rides.

Golden Cheetah is very good for that.

Or something easy is